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על דא ועל הא בעולם ובשכונה

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Israel surprised the world with the following novelties and the 10 top innovations of the last decade:

1. Sniffphone - instant cancer diagnosis

Israeli scientists led by Professor Hossam Hayek have developed a unique device that analyzes the air exhaled by man and allows you to determine the presence of malignant tumors in a short time. Back in the 4th century BC. Hippocrates noted that some pathological conditions change the characteristics of exhaled air. Sniffphone's work is based on identifying specific volatile biomarkers characteristic of a particular disease. Currently, Sniffphone allows you to detect cancer of the breast, stomach, large intestine, lungs, liver, as well as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease.

2. Lexifone is an automated telephone translator

Lexifone has developed the world's first fully automated telephone translation service. Lexifone positions itself as an international telephony service provider that connects those who do not speak the same language. Among the languages supported by the Israeli service are English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Hebrew and Russian.

3. Dogo is an anti-terrorist robot

The Israeli defense company General Robotics presented its new development - the Dogo anti-terrorist robot equipped with a Glock pistol. A 12-kilogram maneuverable robot with a 360-degree view is able to penetrate protected buildings and, in addition to the gun, carries pepper spray, blinding elements and other non-lethal weapons on board. The robot is equipped with two-way voice communication, which provides the ability to negotiate with terrorists. However, the main competitive advantage of Dogo is the most effective neutralization of terrorists without risking the lives of soldiers. "Risk Dogo, not people," says General Robotics CEO Udi Gal, former Deputy Director for Research and Development of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

4. MUV Interactive - virtual interactive surface

The MUV Interactive startup has developed a Bird device that turns any surface into a touch screen controlled in three-dimensional space. Made in the shape of a ring, Bird can project an image from a computer, projector or smartphone on various surfaces, and also allows the user to control applications by moving a finger with a gadget. The scope of application of the futuristic device is very extensive: from the organization of presentations to the control of drones.

5. Deep Optics - dynamic multifocal lenses

Deep Optics is developing Omnifocals intelligent multifocal glasses that will replace sets of glasses "reading" and "for distance". Lenses in innovative glasses will consist of two layers: a regular layer for looking into the distance, and a dynamic liquid crystal layer to look at objects located nearby. The second layer of lenses is constantly changing its optical strength to adjust the viewing distance based on data obtained thanks to the sensors located in the frame of the glasses.

TOP 10 Israeli innovations of the last decade

1. Lumus - military technology in augmented reality glasses

The Israeli company Lumus is developing special displays for helmets in F-16 fighters and is transferring some military technologies to "smart" glasses for the consumer market. Thus, thanks to unusual LOE technology, lenses are installed on the most ordinary glasses and allow you to project an unlimited image from a mobile device. For example, the user can "make" a huge canvas from the wall of the building for watching movies.

2. StoreDot - charging your smartphone in one minute

StoreDot's fast charging technology is based on studies of Alzheimer's disease conducted at Tel Aviv University. Scientists have found that peptides (substances whose molecules are built from two or more amino acid residues) can be used as an organic battery. From these molecules, scientists were able to obtain nanocrystals that can be used as semiconductors. In addition to the battery for smartphones, StoreDot is working on batteries for electric vehicles, which must be charged in 5 minutes.

3. BriefCam is a new generation security system

The Israeli company BriefCam was included in a pool of nine companies that ensure the security of the Statue of Liberty. Success was brought by Video Synopsis technology, which allows you to quickly "conse" hours-long videos, giving out only episodes that meet the specified parameters. At one time, the Tsarnaev brothers, who organized a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, were detained using this technology, and in Norway it was used to capture Anders Breivik. Video Synopsis technology allows you to analyze the image, record fixed and moving objects separately, play recordings made at different times in one frame and, accordingly, view large video files in minutes. An hour of video on average corresponds to a minute of viewing.

4. SCiO is the world's first pocket molecular sensor

SCiO is a pocket infrared spectrometer paired with a smartphone and designed to determine the chemical composition of food, medicines, beverages, soil, plants, etc. After catching the reflected light, the spectrometer analyzes and transmits data to the user's smartphone. The device can be used to instantly determine the calorie content of products, identify medicines, detect dehydration, etc.

5. Mobileye - driving safety system

The main components of the system are a digital camera and a microprocessor under the windshield, which determine the distance to the objects in front. Among the company's clients are automotive concerns Ford, GM, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Renault, Volvo, VW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc. In general, to date, Mobileye solutions are installed on 3.3 million cars around the world. Many experts are confident that thanks to this development, Israel will be the first country where cars without drivers will become widespread.

6. IceCure - tumor freezing procedure

Freezing of breast tumors is carried out by introducing a needle with liquid nitrogen into the neoplasm. Thus, the tumor freezes to -170 degrees, and after defrosting it is no longer dangerous. The procedure does not even require the administration of a painkiller. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. You can treat not only benign breast tumors, but also kidney, prostate, liver tumors. Unlike the thermal effect, freezing does not provoke pain (low temperature itself acts as an anesthetic) and is not so traumatic for the body.

7. ReWalk is an exoskeleton that allows paralyzed people to walk

This device, developed by a paralyzed Israeli scientist, appeared on the Time Magazine list as the best invention of the year. Like an outer skeleton or bioelectronic suit, ReWalk uses special sensors to detect deviations in a person's equilibrium and then transforms them into impulses that normalize his movements, allowing a person to walk or stand.

8. MUSIC - infrared system of active aircraft protection

MUSIC is a system developed by the Elbit defense concern to protect aircraft from MANPADS - portable anti-aircraft missile systems. After detecting an approaching missile, a command is issued that directs a thermal tracking device to the target to capture and escort the missile. Then a powerful on-board laser is turned on, dazzling the missile sensors, which disables it. Elbit has contracts to equip both civil and military aircraft, including Boeing aircraft, as well as Airbus A320.

9. SoftWheel - wheel with built-in suspension

When using conventional wheels, about 30% of energy is lost due to the fact that they do not have a suspension. Israeli startup SoftWheel solves this problem with its "symmetrical and selective technology" that uses three cylinders under pressure to absorb shocks by the wheel itself. In practice, this means that a person in such a vehicle will be able to overcome steps and curbs without discomfort. The ideological inspirer of the new generation wheel is Israeli farmer Gilad Wolf. After a pelvic bone injury that deprived him of the ability to move freely, he began to develop a device that would help him move through the fields and hills of the surrounding area. After sitting in an ordinary wheelchair, he experienced acute pain moving through the bumps of his own beds, he came up with the idea of making a chair that would be more suitable for traveling off-road.

10. OrCam - glasses for the blind

The system allows you to recognize and voice any text found in everyday life: from signs to newspaper articles and from the bus number to the menu in the restaurant. All that is required from the user is to point the gadget to the object that needs to be visualized. After that, the built-in glasses camera scans the surrounding space in the direction specified by the owner and recognizes the object. For example, when crossing the road, a visually impaired person can point to a traffic light, and OrCam will say what light is on now. And in the restaurant, it is enough for the user to swipe through the menu items, and the gadget will read them to him. Sound is transmitted through the bones of the skull, which makes it absolutely inaudible to others and improves the sound quality.

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