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על דא ועל הא בעולם ובשכונה

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The US Dollar Bill a story you should know

Not long ago a memorial plaque at the Jewish Synagogue at the Military Academy at West Point was placed in honor Mr. Chaim Solomon

Mr. Chaim Solomon was the Financial Advisor and the Assistant to George Washington for Economic Affairs prior to the USA Declaration of Independence in 1776

When George Washington became the first President and the Commander & Chief

The US Soldiers suffered badly from the harsh cold winter of 1777 because insufficient worm closing and starved because of lack of food. Mr. Chaim Solomon

Recruited the Jewish Community in the US which already counted several thousands of families and called on the European Jewish community for help in money to assist the new country, Mr. Solomon call for help was extremely successful that George Washington made a public statement saying that with out he dedication and help of Chaim Solomon the history most properly would have looked different since the US Army would not have overcome the British and all other enemies that did not support the idea of a new and independent republic

In honor of Mr. Chaim Solomon and for the support of the Jewish people did George Washington order in a very special way to memorialize their act for ever by printing

on the back of the One Dollar Bill, on the right hand side, above the Eagle the six pointer stars which is the Star of David. In addition if we take the same Eagle and turn it upside-down (in 180 degrees) you clearly see the seven candles Menorah.

Those two symbols became an undivided part of the basic currency by the instruction of George Washington as gratitude of the American people forever to remember the

Help given by the Jewish people at the most critical times when US was established

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