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Danny Morr- A member of the Board.

דני מור, מייסד וחבר הנהלה

מתמחה בתחום החוקי והמשפטי של ״רעות״, כספים וכן תכנון לעתיד 

Specializing in the legal and legal field of "Reut", finances as well as planning for the future

  • A graduate of the Military Academy and the Hareali High School in Haifa.

  • Served in the Artillery Corp. of the IDF with the rank of Captain.

  • Served in Israel and abroad as a member of an elite unit of the Mossad.

  • A Jerusalem University Law School graduate and a past practicing attorney
    in Tel- Aviv.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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